Rallycross Class

Rallycross Class

Based on the FIA World Rallycross Championship the aim is to bring this fast paced and close contact racing formula into the reach of all racers. Based on shaft drive 1/8th scale E-buggies these fast, tough and thrilling cars are modified to run on a tarmac surface. The use of low ramps and astroturf cut throughs allow a multitude of track layouts. The Joker lap means that picking the right strategy is crucial.

Run as a series of qualifying and final races it fun, close competitive racing all the way.


Rallycross Rules

Chassis ​

1. Shaft drive 1/8 rallycross style buggies designed, or converted, to run on mostly tarmac tracks.
2. Belt drive cars are not eligible for this class.


​1. Cars must run rally or rallycross style bodies (generic bodies are eligible such as the Hyper GT Rally or the Protoform rally bodies.
2. Cars must be fitted with a front foam bumper and have no sharp protruding edges beyond the body.


​1. Motor limits in relation to battery size​

2S – No Motor Limit
​​​​​​​3S – 2650kv maximum limit
​​​​​​​4S – 2000kv maximum limit

Tyres ​​

1. The nominated control dry tyre for racing is the GRP S4, with a minimum shore rating of 500 as measured on the clubs durometer.
​​2. In the event of the race director declaring a “wet” round the racers may use the GRP R1 compound.
​​3. The use of additives and chemical cleaners on tyres is not permitted.
4. The use of tyre warmers are not permitted.
​​5. New racers are allowed to run kit tyres for three meetings.


1. Only hard case lipo batteries up to 4S are eligible for use from 1st April, in line with BRCA guidelines and racers must charge in a lipo bag and according to the guidelines published by the BRCA.


​​1. Two classes will be available and will be run as separate heats where entrant numbers permit, with points being awarded separately per class;

​​​SWB – Cars with a wheelbase less than 335mm
​​​LWB – Cars with a wheelbase equal to or greater than 335mm
​​(wheelbase will be measured from front wheel spindle centre to rear wheel spindle centre on the same side of the car)


  • ​4 minute qualifying races and 4 minute finals.
  • ​​The start will be a two row start with drivers alternating between rows.
  • All cars must take the joker lap once in each race.
  • Drivers can defend their position during qualifying.


Scrutineering will be carried out by the clubs Rallycross reps at random throughout the meeting and will cover all the rules outlined above.

Procedure for the testing and determining the legality of tyres for racing in the Rallycross class.

  • Cars will all be checked with the club durometer, no other device will be considered as valid for these tests.
  • All tyres will be checked on each car.
  • The durometer will be held against the tyre for 4 seconds at which point the reading will be taken.
  • No allowance will be made for ambient temperature.


Penalities for failing to meet the legal criteria.

  • First failure to comply – the driver will be given the option to replace the failed components with those that meet the rules above. The replacement will be checked/tested prior to the car being used.
  • Second failure to comply – the driver will be disqualified from the meeting, and will be deemed to have qualified in last position and accrue no points should they decide to continue racing.

**Members will be notified of any changes to the above in advance.**

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