Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

 –  How long have you been in business?

We are not a business, we are a not for profit club. Mendip Model Motor Racing Club was formed in 1978 and has had the circuit as its home since the beginning.

 – Are the tracks available for practice?

The tracks are available for practice but subject to a few conditions, some of which are;

  • The track is open for use – check the google calendar to make sure the track hasn’t been closed for maintenance or other reasons.
  • Users must be members of the BRCA – this is to ensure that users are insured.
  • Users must comply with our terms and conditions.
  • Users are only using cars of the scales permitted on each of the tracks.

 – Can we hire the track to have exclusive use?

No, it was decided that individuals and groups would not be permitted exclusive use, this was to ensure that all racers had equal opportunity to use the tracks for practice and preparation for major events. This is part of the committees commitment to fair racing for everyone.

 – Can children use the tracks?

The club positively encourages younger racers at our meeting and to practice and is currently offering free Junior membership to under 16’s. It is essential to remember that Juniors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times on the site. This is to ensure the safety and supervision of junior racers. Junior racers will also need BRCA membership after their third race meeting, to join the club and to use the tracks for practice.