Site Access

Site Access

If you are not familiar with accessing the track outside of race meetings please take some time to read the information below.

The Mendip RC Raceway shares its access with businesses on the site. Please do not block the gateway or access roads.

The track is not manned at any specific times. To allow access when unmanned there are combination locks on the key access points. These combinations will be listed on your payment confirmation email from Paypal. Combinations are changed regularly so be sure to make a note of the current ones supplied.

In the event the main gates are locked there is a key in a combination box on the back of the left hand gatepost. Once you have unlocked the gate please make sure that the padlock and chain are secured to the gate so they will not get lost, and the key is returned to the key box and the combination is obscured.

Day membership holders do not have access to the drop off area behind the pits so we ask that cars are parked in the parking area beside the on-road track. Please do not park on the the access roads or the grass area to the left of the access road, as this is reserved only for camping.

If you are using the on-road track there is a combination lock allowing access to the rostrum, the shutters are released by sliding out the bolts at the top and then should be lowered gently using the handle provided, please do not allow them to swing open. To close the shutters simply reverse the process.

When leaving the track please ensure the site is secure by closing the rostrum shutters and shutting the rostrum door.

It is not necessary to lock the main gate if there are other people on site but if in any doubt always lock the main gate as authorised users will be able to unlock them. Once the gate is locked, please ensure the key is returned to the key box and the combination is obscured.