Junior Membership Application

Junior Membership Application

Please read before completing this form.

  • Junior members are required to be members of the BRCA to access the tracks at Mendip RC Raceway.
  • Juniors must be accompanied by their Nominated Responsible Adult or a Full Adult Member at all times when using the facilities at Mendip RC Raceway. The accompanying adult is responsible for the junior member at all times.
  • The responsible adult is not permitted to enter the track confines unless they are a Full or Associate Member of the BRCA.
  • Junior members and their responsible adult are required to follow all rules and instructions when using Mendip RC Raceway facilities.
  • This form is to be completed by the Nominated Responsible Adult only.

Please be aware that prior to your membership application being accepted, your BRCA membership will be confirmed. You will not receive site access codes or be entitled to any member benefits until this check has been completed. Please allow up to 48 hours for this to be carried out

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  7. Please Indicate Classes Raced
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  10. Nominated Responsible Adult
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  18. Are you a full club member (not mandatory)
  19. By checking the tick box below you are confirming the following for yourself and your supervised junior;
  20. - you have parental responsibility or the permission of the legally responsible parent to make this application and to accompany the Junior Member whilst using the facilities at Mendip RC Raceway.
  21. - that the Junior applying for membership is a current member of the BRCA.
  22. - you accept all the terms and conditions stated and understand that Juniors must be accompanied at all times by a Full Club Member or their Nominated Responsible Adult
  23. - yourself, the Junior Member and any accompanying adult agree to observe the rules and directives of the Club, Committee and Race Directors, including instructions given during driver briefings and on signage around the site.
  24. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions for your safety, whilst you are at Mendip RC Raceway unavoidable accidents may happen. In respect of these you will be present at Mendip RC Raceway at your own risk.
  25. Check all the information above is correct before submitting your application.