Drivers Briefing for Mendip

Drivers Briefing for Mendip

If you are exhibiting any symptoms of the Covid 19 virus do not attend the meeting or access the site.

Whilst each race class has its own processes and procedures, which will be covered individually by the organisers, this document is designed to give racers an introduction to the procedures and restrictions in place whilst attending Mendip RC Raceway. Whilst this covers the main points for race meetings we also recommend drivers read the clubs full rules and the privacy policy you can also view the site risk assessment.

This briefing is a general briefing, there may be specific stipulations given to you by the organisers, please make sure you are aware of any limitations at your event and comply with those in addition to these below.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Mendip RC Raceway.

Additional Equipment

Racers and Pit Crew must bring their own:

  • Hi-viz Jacket (mandatory within the track area)
  • Gloves for marshalling (work/riggers style, not latex style)
  • Facemask
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Pit towel/pit mat to cover the table

Note – The BRCA also recommend bringing some disposable latex gloves, surface cleaner and hand wipes.

Drivers Briefing

Site Specific Instructions

  • Whilst on site you are agreeing to abide by the club rules and the terms and conditions of use.
  • All racers and any person within the boundaries of the MRCR tracks are required to hold British Radio Car Association (BRCA) membership and the associated insurance. All users are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate insurance cover and accept liability for any damage caused whilst using any RC car.
  • Guests not holding BRCA membership are not to enter the track area to set down or retrieve cars, to marshal, or for any other reason.
  • All users of the site accept that they use the site at their own risk and understand that the Club and site landlord accepts no liability for loss, damage or accidents that occur whilst within the environs of the site.
  • All users of the site are responsible for reporting any health and safety concerns that they identify on the site to the committee at the earliest opportunity.
  • The launching, flying or landing of any aerial vehicle is prohibited on the Mendip RC Raceway site without prior permission from the committee.
  • Generators are not to be run within the pit area. They can be set up outside the pit area in an area designated by the club, but any cables run from generators into the pit area must not constitute a hazard to others, especially in the form of trip hazards.
  • Dogs are not permitted within the track areas and, whilst welcome on the site, must be kept on a lead at all times within the pit area (pit area starts at the entrance barrier). It is the owners responsibility to clean up after their dog and they are expected to do so. Please note that the club accept no responsibility or liability for your pet whilst it is on site, please also be aware some products and chemicals used at the track may be harmful to animals, to this end you bring your pet at your own risk.
  • Barbecues are not permitted within the pit area (pit area starts at the wooden entrance gates). Where they are used they should be set on a solid surface away from combustible materials and vegetation and must be attended at all times. Barbecues found unattended will be extinguished in the interests of fire safety. Open fires are not permitted without prior approval of the Committee. The committee reserve the right to restrict the use of barbecues to prevent fire or injury.
  • Tyre truers must not be used in the pit area or anywhere within the pit/car parking area. The only place it is permissible to use a tyre truer is in the Truing Shed, next to the container. Users are responsible for disposing properly of any material generated during this process.
  • Cars may not access the concrete apron beside the pits, this area is reserved for pitting. The committee reserve the right to allow access/parking to vehicles belonging to Blue Badge holders or for unloading and loading, but only with the prior agreement of the committee.
  • Lipo batteries will be charged in accordance with BRCA guidelines and be securely sealed in a protective ”Lipo bag” when charging or discharging (other than racing). Only Hard case lipos are to be used.
  • Nitro cars/bikes must not be run before 09:00hrs or after 20:00hrs or 30 minutes after the track closes, whichever is soonest.
  • CCTV is in use on the site by independent companies with whom we share our site. Monitoring and recording is carried out in the interests of safety and security and individuals and vehicles can by identified via this system. The club has no control of the CCTV system nor images captured. Access of the site is subject to agreement to such use of the CCTV system.
  • Toilets are located at the end of race control, for these events the ladies toilet will not be locked
  • No smoking or vaping in the pits (including gazebos and car pitting areas), race control, rostrum and Portakabin – the designated smoking area is the only place it is permissible to smoke
  • Children are the responsibility of the parent/supervising adult at all time. If you have juniors with you please ensure they are under your supervision at all times and they respect the personal space of others
  • All rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided or taken with racers when they leave at the end of the meeting dependant on the requirements of the series they are racing in.
  • Tuck shop is closed for this event, please bring your own refreshments
  • Sandbuckets are placed around the pits in case of a Lipo fire – do not use for extinguishing cigarettes, rubbish, dumping dead lipos etc.
  • Drivers are responsible for their own timing equipment, ensuring the correct transponder number has been given to race control and is correct on the heat listing and staying within the track limits so that they cross the loop to allow their laps to be counted. Laps will not be added unless the issue is with the timing computer or loop system
  • The tracks are shut other than when the heats and finals are in progress, no free practice is allowed prior to, during or subsequent to the meeting.
  • RC cars are not to be driven within the pit area at any time.
  • Racers are not allowed to enter race control under any circumstances

Covid Specific Requirements

  • Racers are not permitted to enter race control.
  • Social distance wherever possible 
  • There is a one way system around when entering and exiting the track which must be followed at all times
  • Pit bays are separated by blue dividers and should only be occupied by family groups or individuals in the same “bubble” up to a maximum of 4 people per bay which includes your pit crew.
  • The concrete area behind the off road rostrum is allocated as additional pitting area for gazebos. 
  • It is not permitted to have more than 4 people in any pit area so multiple gazebos or large gazebos must be divided up into groups of 4 (including pit crew).
  • The blue bay divider sheets must not be removed under any circumstances. In these sheets are not in place the adjacent bays will have to be cleared of racers
  • There must be a covering on the table either a pit mat or a pit towel to prevent contamination..

Race Format

This will depend on the event you have entered and the organisers will advise you as to the format for the day.

Heat/Final Change Over Procedure

Please stay on the rostrum/waiting area/your marshalling position until “Race Over” is called.

After placing your car on the track wait until all racers have exited the rostrum before taking up your position on the rostrum.

Pit Crew – Masks and Hi-viz must be worn within the track area.

Marshalls – Masks, Hi-viz and gloves must be worn for marshalling.

In the interests of safety no cars are to leave the pit lane until the track is declared open by Race Control – doing so could result in a penalty.


  • Please wear your gloves when marshalling
  • Marshall as you would wish to be marshalled
  • Pay attention to your marshalling area, please don’t watch the race
  • Remember the race is not over until the end of the race is called – continue to marshal moving cars until “Race Over” is called by the computer or Race Director
  • Use of phones or eating whilst marshalling is prohibited
  • If you are unable to marshal you must arrange a replacement (BRCA members only) or speak with race control – please stick to social distancing guidance here – allow 2 metres distance between you and Race Director
  • If you are being marshalled do not rev your car.

Race Etiquette

  • Drivers are to stay on the rostrum until instructed to leave by the co-ordinating committee member
  • Remember in Rallycross you can defend your position unless you are being lapped then you must let the faster car though.
  • Let faster cars through safely.
  • Slower cars need to move off line or go wider into corners.
  • Faster cars need to be patient and not drive through slower cars.
  • Drivers need to slow down when there is a marshall on the track.
  • If you crash in an area where you are causing a hazard i.e. the straight please call it – “car on the straight!”

Have a good days racing

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