Off Road Track

Off Road Track

Drivers Briefing

If you are exhibiting any symptoms of the Covid 19 virus do not attend the meeting or access the site. If you are forced to cancel your booking due to displaying Covid 19 symptoms you will have your race fee refunded.

Prior to the Meeting

If you wish to use a pit table these are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to pit from a gazebo then you can pit in the pick up/drop off area behind the new pit building or in the car parking area. If you asked to pit from your car please set up in the car parking area. Please bring a pit towel/pit mat to use in your bay. Bays will have a divider to allow both tables to be used.

Additional Equipment

As part of our Covid protection plan racers must bring their own:

  • Hi-viz Jacket for marshalling
  • Gloves for marshalling (work/riggers style, not latex style)
  • Facemasks/Face-covering
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Pit towel/pit mat to cover the table

Note – The BRCA also recommend bringing a face shield, some disposable latex gloves, surface cleaner and hand wipes.

On The Day


  • Toilets – these are located at the end of race control, for these events the ladies toilet will not be locked
  • No smoking or vaping in the pits (including gazebos and car pitting areas), race control, rostrum and portakabin – the designated smoking area is the only place it is permissible to smoke
  • Children are the responsibility of the parent/supervising adult at all time. If you have juniors with you please ensure they are under your supervision at all times and they respect the personal space of others
  • Tuck shop is closed for this event, please bring your own refreshments
  • Rubbish – please use the bins provided
  • First aid kit will be in the truing shed – please let a member of the committee know if you’ve needed to use it
  • Only Hard case lipos are to be used
  • Lipo batteries must be charged in a lipo bag
  • Sandbuckets are placed around the pits in case of a Lipo fire – do not use for extinguishing cigarettes, rubbish, dumping dead lipos etc
  • Drivers are responsible for their own timing equipment and ensuring that they cross the loop to allow their laps to be counted. Laps will not be added unless the issue is with the timing computer or loop system
  • The tracks are shut other than when the heats and finals are in progress, no free practice is allowed prior to, during or subsequent to the meeting.
  • Racers are not allowed to enter race control under any circumstances
  • Social distancing of 2m should be maintained between racers outside of family groups. This applies in the pits and on the rostrum.
  • Pause here and pretend a train is passing!

Race Format

  • 3 rounds of qualifying
  • 3 Leg Finals

Heat/Final Change Over Procedure

Please stay on the rostrum/waiting area/your marshalling position until “Race Over” is called.

After placing your car on the track wait until all racers have exited the rostrum before taking up your position on the rostrum.

Follow the one way system in place for putting down cars and moving to the rostrum

  1. When the end of the race is called marshalls on track will leave the track via the exit gate (nearest the Portakabin), collect their car/transmitter and return to pits.
  2. Racers on rostrum will then be instructed to collect their cars, exit the track, place their cars and transmitters under the rostrum, then return to the track to take up their marshalling points.
  3. Drivers for the next heat are to enter the track, walk along the main straight, place their cars in the put down area, then out via the exit gate and up onto the rostrum to stand at a marked spot.


  • Please wear your gloves when marshalling
  • Marshall as you would wish to be marshalled
  • Pay attention to your marshalling area, please don’t watch the race
  • Remember the race is not over until the end of the race is called – continue to marshal moving cars until “race over” is called by the computer or Race Director
  • Use of phones or eating whilst marshalling is prohibited
  • If you are unable to marshal you must arrange a replacement (BRCA members only) or speak with race control – please stick to social distancing guidance here – allow 2 metres distance between you and Race Director
  • If you are being marshalled do not rev your car.

Race Etiquette

  • Drivers are to stay on the rostrum until instructed to leave by the co-ordinating committee member
  • The club will not tolerate people abusing marshalls, if you need the attention of a marshall call “Marshall” and say where your car is.
  • Let faster cars through safely.
  • Slower cars need to move off line or go wider into corners.
  • Faster cars need to be patient and not drive through slower cars.
  • Drivers need to slow down when there is a marshall on the track.
  • If you crash in an area where you are causing a hazard i.e. the straight please call it – “car on the straight!”

Have a good days racing

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